So, You Had a Bad Day…

Bad day

Image by roy costello via Flickr

Today I had a bad day.

First of all, I woke up with a sore throat and feeling crappy again.  I was late running out the door for work.  When I got to work, I found my sub bus driver for the past two days not only parked the bus like an idiot and made it near impossible for me to squeeze inside, but he also decided to trash it up and not fuel it when he was done, which was oh-so-nice of him.  During my pre-trip, I couldn’t exit the bus in the direction I usually go (because the bus was parked crooked and quite close to the bus next to it, and apparently my badonkadonk is that huge), so I had to go backwards, which threw off my routine, and then forced me to run another lap around the bus just to squeeze my huge behind in the anorexic gap between my door and the next bus.  The bus drivers at my midday school were being total jerks and not letting me in to pick up my kids at the front of the school to my usual spot (seriously. It’s a fight every day. I fricking hate some of these people), so I had to park wayyyy in the back (another mini bus had to park on the street), and my kids all missed me because I wasn’t in my regular spot.  When I went in to talk to a supervisor about my routes (because I magically got a new stop and 5 extra kids without warning), she told me that a bunch of sub drivers were complaining about the fact that I didn’t update my set book and I screwed up their entire two days… even though I only had one route that I forgot to update… and seriously, I am so fricking OVER this 5-year-old-like talking-behind-each-others-backs-bull-poop I experience on a daily basis at this fricking school district.  I felt achy and stiff and generally miserable the whole day.  I went to the doctor only to be told there was nothing wrong with me… which was embarrassing… not to mention I’ll have to shell out a good $200 for that fantastic news.  I did not have plans tonight and just realized that I have no single girlfriends to hang out with, either because they are far away, or they are not single, and that kind of sucks when you think about it, because who else do you hang out with when everyone else is busy being far away or with their significant others?  Plus, the Cubs totally lost today, right after I went ahead and attempted to smack-talk a friend who lives in Pittsburgh.

But here is what went good today.

Today, when I pulled up to my second stop of my morning junior high route, one of my boys got on, gave me a double look, and said, excitedly, “FINALLY.  You’re back!!”

When I pulled up to my first stop of my morning elementary route, the girl had a similar reaction.  And then at the next stop, one of my kindergartners, who never talks, whispered just loud enough for me to hear (miraculously) over the screaming engine, “Bus driver! I got new shoes! See?”

All of my elementary kids were sitting down and didn’t even need to be reminded every two seconds that “sitting down means both legs are bent and the keister is on the seat.”

My kindergartners were super funny today. They asked me to tell them a story, so I told them a story about  a monster named Grool who was addicted to lollipops.  Grool tried to steal some from Adu’s (one of my boys) kitchen, but Adu scared him and made him explode into a bunch of confetti.  And okay it was a really lame but really awesome story, mostly because I used funny voices and exaggerated facial expressions, but the best part was looking at this bus full of fully-captivated and giggly kindergartners.

Three of my kindergarten boys decided to have a “loudest sneezing contest” on the bus.  The best part was watching them in the mirror and hearing “AHHHHHHH–AHHHHHHHH–AHHHHHHH—CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


And so, okay, my day kind of stunk a little at times.  But what I am thankful for today is that even though there were a lot of crappy things that happened during the day, God knew exactly what would make me smile and feel better.  It wasn’t completely bad.  God is always speaking through people and places and things to tell us how much He loves us and wants us to be happy.  We just gotta listen.


2 thoughts on “So, You Had a Bad Day…

  1. Hi Sara! It’s Amy G from Holy Family. Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog (I saw it on your FB status updates). 🙂 You are a great writer, and I love how upbeat your posts are! I’m looking forward to reading what’s to come!

    (PS: my teaching/running blog if you are interested in visiting–

    • Hi Amy!!! It’s been foreverrrrr! Thanks for reading my blog. I like seeing that people actually do. 🙂
      Your teaching blog is crazy. You are so organized. That’s amazing. It makes me almost wish I was an organized person. Almost. 😉

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