Why I <3 The Biebs

NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYC

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This is a post about why I love Justin Bieber.

Now before you close out of your browser and be like 99% of all of my other friends who ever temporarily shunned me for this confession… hear me out.

I was 21-years-old, sitting on the couch in my senior apartment at approx 2:00 AM, trying to start my ethics homework but wound up getting lost in the mindless click-click-clicking through Facebook.  I didn’t even know who Justin Bieber was.  But all these profiles from little sisters of old friends from high school kept telling me all about how much they ❤ Justin Bieber sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhh.  And after hearing of him on and off for months, I decided enough was enough, and I was going to Google that bizznass.

What I discovered was this video:

What sucked me in was how frickin adorable this kid is.  It was that initial giggle. And then it was the phone call from Usher.  And then it was the silly string party.  And then I immediately decided that if I had a 13-year-old daughter, I would probably hunt this kid down and set them up.

And okay.  Obviously the Biebs probably doesn’t know what real love is like.  And obviously his lyrics aren’t exactly the most deep and philosophical.   But come on.  He totally captured the essence of teenage lurv.

It reminded me of that time I was sitting in 8th period biology, watching JD flip his skater hair and nonchalantly sling his backpack over his mammoth shoulder as he trudged out the door toward his locker.  My heart was out of control in my chest as I left the room and slowly approached him.  I had a crush on this boy for the past two years, and I was finally going to do something about it… I was about to ask him to Turnabout.  And he was going to say yes, and we were going to go to the dance, fall in love, get married, and have babies.  I was sweating down to the tips of my fingers as I poked him in the shoulder, choked on my words, threw a note in his face, and ran away.  The next day, he didn’t speak to me, or look at me.  And baby, baby, baby NOOO… my future was ruined.  I was flung into the pits of despair.  We’re just friends? What are you sayin!!!!  My first love broke my heart for the first time.

I kept thinking there was something wrong with me.  I was too fat.  My stomach totally jiggled too much when I walked.  My boobs were not as big as that other girl he kept hanging out with.  I wasn’t outgoing enough.  I wasn’t wearing enough makeup.

I didn’t have the greatest role models.    I had Christina Aguileria and Britney Spears to look up to. Fashion was all about low cut, form-fitting shirts and low-rise jeans. I was hearing all sorts of stories about my peers going out to parties and doing God-knows-what with who-knows-who.  I wasn’t in to any of that.  I was a good kid.  But I kept struggling with these messages about what love is, what it means to be beautiful, and what it means to be important, and I didn’t really have a lot of that.  I wasn’t rich, I wasn’t very stylish, I was an average weight for my height (which was NOT stick thin), I had acne problems, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was insecure and awkward around boys. I was an average high school girl.

What if there was a Justin Bieber when I was that age?  What if instead of constantly being barraged by music about getting drunk and being “into havin sex, not into makin love” (seriously. Have you really heard “In Da Club” lately? That’s what was the number 1 song when I was a freshman in 2003), I had a Justin Bieber-figure who was there to woo me into being that one less lonely girl?  The one who wouldn’t smile until I smiled?  The one who cherished me so much that his heart would break if I ever denied him?  The one who prayed for better days, because he knew what was important in life?

I love the Biebs because he is talented, and he is a great role model.  He treats his fans like gold.  He gives his thanks and praise back to God.  He picks out one girl at every concert and sings to her on stage (and yes, I learned that because I watched the movie in 3D).  And he is frickin adorable.  I would love to spend an afternoon of pulling pranks and getting into trouble with him.  If I had a 13-year-old daughter, I would hook em up.

So Biebs, you keep on keepin on with yo bad self.  I’ll be listening!


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