I Got the Music in Me!

sheet music

Image by lambdachialpha via Flickr

Today I am thankful for music.

I have always loved music.  I love all types of music.  Even country isn’t so bad.  I love listening to music, I love playing music on the piano even more (and hopefully other instruments one day).  I love singing, even when I make up my own key to sing in.  I love the way music has a way of being serious and a way of being fun.  I love going to the symphony, and I love rocking out to some N’Sync with the windows rolled down and a good friend in the passenger seat.  I love how music seems to bring people together more than tear people apart.  I love that even though I gave up listening to the radio in the car, I often find myself with a song in my heart to keep myself going.  I love how music has the power to change the way you think and the way you feel.  I love how there is always that one song that never fails to pull you out of your dark place.  I love how music gives you such freedom to express yourself, whether it is in writing your own or by simply serenading yourself in the shower.

And whenever I think of expressing myself in song I think of this scene and it makes me happy:

Here are some of my favorite tunes… old and new:

and of course…


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