Hugs, Not Drugs!

FREE HUGS, in Hibiyakoen, Tokyo Prefecture, 2007

Image via Wikipedia

Imagine this:

You are having the worst day of your life.  You woke up late.  You burned your toast.  You didn’t have enough milk for your Lucky Charms.  Your favorite pants ripped in the crotch.  You got a flat tire and was late to work, your boss caught you checking your Facebook instead of doing those reports like he asked you to, and you didn’t realize you forgot your credit card in your other wallet until after the cashier rang up all your groceries at the store.  Plus it’s raining and the dog just pooped in your favorite boots and there aren’t any washers or dryers left to use and you are down to your last pair of undies.

But then you meet up with your best friend/mother/brother/significant other and they say “hi” and you say nothing but go straight for that sweet spot between their arms and yours, where your hearts meet in the middle and the world and all it’s crap melts away and you can finally breathe and just be and not worry about everything that happened today.  You just let it out and feel the squeeze you’ve been dying for, and that warm spot of a hand rubbing your back like you were five again, and you just know that everything is going to be okay, that you are safe, that you are loved, and that tomorrow is going to be better.

Hugs are the best.  I need them every day. And today, I am especially thankful for them.


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