Nice ash. ;o)

Ashes imposed on the forehead of a Christian o...

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Today is a great day because I was able to go around and tell everyone how nice their ash was. 🙂

I was kind of disappointed with the outcome of my ash, because I will never forget the epic ash I got a couple years ago from a friend in college who made it take up my entire forehead… but then I looked a little closer and noticed that it kind of looks like a heart, and that’s cute, right? Right.

Anyway.  Today I am thankful for kids. Kids are awesome. For example, the kids behind me at Mass today kept saying very loudly how bad they needed to pee.  The kids on my bus kept telling me how awful the sub bus driver was yesterday and how much they missed me.  One of my girls actually gave me a hug and told me to never ever ever leave her ever again.

Kids know exactly how to just be themselves and to love completely.  Or sort of completely.  At least when they are younger.  Older kids maybe not so much. But little kids? They can’t help it.

Anyway. Kids. Today I am thankful for kids.


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